Peace March October 26, 2002
Washington, DC

Dedicated to the memory of Senator Paul Wellstone, who tragically died October 25, 2002

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Narrative: "Luminous Times"

Shot of the press cameras covering the speeches

Uncle Sam, who has had a growth spurt, is against war in Iraq 

I nearly bumped into Jesse Jackson, who was giving this interview before he spoke

A generic shot of the crowd.  Likely between 60-80,000, though claimed to be 200,000, it was nevertheless very crowded

I saw this very happy couple near me and had to take a picture

Susan Sarandon told us, "Dialogue is the opposite of war."

Sarandon's speech caused the crowd to compress closer together.

Patti Smith sang "Power to the People"

Patti Smith also sang to the people in the trees.  Most trees had people in them.

Helicopters circled us once the numbers got very large, but there were no incidents.

The green grass made me think of Wellstone's campaign signs, and I felt like was on a green carpet.  My foot is bottom center.

Jesse Jackson spoke after an eloquent and moving prayer for the Wellstone family

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark got rousing cheers.

One of many tributes to Paul Wellstone.

Instead of stars for the states, why not peace for us all?

The other side of the Wellstone tribute sign

No More Blood for Oil

Al Sharpton received lukewarm applause at first, but the crowd was his by the end

Al Sharpton says that Bush is playing "boogeyman" with us with Iraq

Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame made an argument for more butter and less guns.

Many signs depicted Bush as a member of the "Axis of Evil;" apparently he's an ass of evil as well

As we began to march, it was still impossible to gauge the crowd's size

Another general shot of the crowd anxious to march

Many interesting sights and sounds on the march; this group marched in a kind of street theater

Ahead of the people in the previous picture, these masked people marched.

"No War" was the theme of the day, as the Washington Monument pokes through the trees

"Stand for Global Peace and Justice;" the Monument obliges

This nasty carnivore is the BushCheneyosaur

A young girl holds a sign that reads "No Blood for Oil"

"Wellstone! The Legacy must live!"

On my way home I sat under a large tree and looked up

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