Peace March January 18, 2003
Washington, DC

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Read Jim's thoughts on the event:
Narrative: "War is not the Answer"
If you want to send comments on the pictures or narrative, please email  If you are interested in a copy of our homemade videotape of the event, send an email to the same address.  To see the October 26, 2002, peace march photos, go here, and read the narrative attached to that event, "Luminous Times."

"War is NOT the 'Answer': No Blood for Oil"

Crowd size was impossible to gauge.  It felt as though there had to be 150,000 at least.  On the far left cut off is our sign.

The English band Chumbawumba got us started, and they were excellent.

"Visualize World Peace: Conserve the Planet"

"Got the Bush Blues? Dance for Peace not War!"

Through the forest of signs, Tyne Daly spoke briefly but enthusiastically

Another shot of the actress as she looks in our direction

Beneath the Capitol Dome, notice the sign mentioning one of the Beatitudes.

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark called for the impeachment of Bush.

Clark is an extremely fiery orator.  I heard him in October, and he's excellent.

Al Sharpton spoke but seemed more subdued this time, but that's only relative to Sharpton's standards.

Cynthia McKinney's no longer in Congress, but she continues to speak with passion at these peace events.

Actress Jessica Lange spoke so emotionally, her voice occasionally broke.

"Support our  Troops, not U.S. Foreign Policy

I didn't run into Jesse this time, but we could still hear an impassioned speech in the spirit of MLK.

"Resist!" More people in the trees this time around.

Now, I can't figure out why Bush and Cheney would come to a peace march and then threaten war on Iraq.

Their oversized heads can't match their undersized compassion

A whole legion of anarchists walked around, often looking for trouble, attracting more press cameras than they deserved.

From a slightly raised area, I could see tens of thousands, but I could not see the end in any direction.

"There's a war under every BUSH"

"HELLO my name is Civilian Casualty"

The Capitol Police tried to intimidate marchers, even riding a parade of motorcycles through the crowd.  DC police were much nicer.

"End the MADness.  Impeach Bush"

"Don't let history repeat itself."  This is the flip side of the preceding poster.

"The People say NO!"

"My Bush Doesn't Wage War"  Look closely.

"Women in Black Resist War"

"Ruff Ruff!  Fags 4 Peace"

Most protesters from out of town didn't recognize DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey, who relaxed while waving to the crowd.

Many will remember Ramsey as the guy who didn't solve the Chandra Levy case.

Thanks to the people at for the sign ideas.  We received a ton of good comments and dozens of picture requests.  This one says "We've a Terrorist in the White House"

A close inspection reveals who the terrorist in the White House is.  Who let him on the roof?

This was our most popular sign.  "We'll Risk Empty Nukes if Bush Will Take his Empty Head Back to Texas"

Where Bush and his Empty Head can clear all the brush he wants while the rest of us can live in peace.

Send comments to  We have hours of videotape from the event and had a decent view of the stage a decent part of the time.  If you are interested in receiving a copy (no charge...just tell me where to send it), I can make a copy for you.  It's not a professional tape, but for a perspective you won't see on the news, I'd be happy to send you what our camcorder caught.