Peace Rally February 15, 2003
New York, NY

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Read Jim's thoughts on the event:
Narrative: "Minutes to Midnight"
If you want to send comments on the pictures or narrative, please email  If you are interested in a copy of our homemade videotape of the event, send an email to the same address.  To see the October 26, 2002, Washington, DC, peace march photos, go here, and read the narrative attached to that event, "Luminous Times."  For the January 18, 2003, Washington, DC, peace march photos, go here, and read the narrative attached to that event, "War is not the Answer."

As our bus went through Brooklyn, we saw these posters advertising the event.

We met Jamila, who was on our bus, at the subway station.  Her sign reads "Old Europe: Rein in our Cowboy!"

As in January, Bush and Cheney appeared at the peace gathering.  The sign says "Dis-Oil or die"

"Down with Bush Dynasty: Jobs and Peace"

New York's finest were not at their best today, often causing needless incidents.  They trampled people and put babies at risk.

"Peace is Patriotic"

"Go Solar, not Ballistic

"ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, NPR: Corporate Cheerleaders for the US Imperialist War Machine"

There was a lot of music in our futile attempt to reach the rally.  Here is a good example.

In one of the buildings, a man joins the protest with a simple sign of his own.

Protesters put stickers and signs on cars, often writing peace messages with their fingers in the dust that collected on cars.

"El mundo dice no a la guerra! (The world says no to the war!)"

There were a large number of children that we saw today.  Here is one riding high.

"War is not Pretty" and neither is this slightly fuzzy photo

Bush is portrayed here as a pirate, only instead of gold methinks he's after oil yar.

"The Republican Anatomy: Which Head You Thinkin' With?  You must see this one much more closely.

Jamila climbed on the trunk of this car to scan the endless crowds, but soon after, we discovered the driver was still in it!

"War is a Deep Freeze of the Soul."

"I want Peace."  This girl was like the calm eye in a hurricane.  I hope she was okay when the police forced crowds back.

An Iraqi child is killed, but what's the fate of the US child?

I liked this guy's colorful Buddha pants :).

Some genuine "Bushit" for you.

A friendly woman and her dog share the very same facial expression.  She told us the dog was also against the war.

Many people climbed as high as they could while police yelled and threatened them with force if they didn't get down.  Few listened.

Much like in Washington, Bush and Cheney puppets were common.  Here is the Dick himself.

"Empty warhead found in White House"

A non-uniformed cop shoved Loree in a crowd; she shoved back hard and got into a shouting match with him.  Here is an angry Loree with a cop behind her.

"The Forefathers are Pissed"

"Peace! No War.  War makes things worse!  No War Against Iraq."

Police blocked subway entrances.  Finally, after much ordeal and more unnecessary violence by police, we found a subway near Times Square.

Send comments to  We have nearly an hour of videotape from the event.  If you are interested in receiving a copy (no charge...just tell me where to send it), I can make a copy for you.  It's not a professional tape, but for a perspective you won't see on the news, I'd be happy to send you what our camcorder caught.