Welcome to Chakradance in Bozeman, Montana

Dance into your chakra system, work on your body and soul, and have fun doing it. I am looking for people in the Gallatin Valley to participate in a nine-week course. Each class is approximately 90 minutes long, once a week. You can also dance introductory one-time classes, weekend-long workshops, or one-on-one sessions. Contact me for more information—Jim Macdonald, Licenced Chakradance Facilitator

About Jim

Hi, I'm Jim Macdonald, and I love to dance. As much as I love to dance, I also believe in the therapeutic powers of dance. My own life is living testament to that.

In brief, I'm a licensed facilitator in Chakradance, live here in Bozeman with my son River, love Yellowstone, and have an assortment of interests—among them providing space and opportunity for this transformative dance in our community.

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What is Chakrdance?

Chakradance is spontaneous movement to specific music so that each of us can better align with seven energy centers in our bodies—called chakras. You need no experience to dance this therapeutic journey and won't be learning any Chakradance moves. Rather, you create your own dance while guided by my facilitation.

Although we are journeying into our souls, Chakradance is not affiliated with a particular religious worldview, and you don't need any concept of or belief in chakras to participate. All you need is an open heart and mind to dance in this safe, judgment-free zone.

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Contact Jim

You email jsmacdonaldjr@gmail.com.